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At The Carmichael Firm, we know that choosing a bankruptcy attorney is an important decision for our clients. Many of our clients have never needed to hire a lawyer and do not know where to begin. We believe the following things are important to consider when choosing the right bankruptcy attorney

Accessibility. Choose a bankruptcy attorney who is accessible. After all, what good is a bankruptcy attorney if you never get to talk with him or her? At The Carmichael Firm, you will be able to meet with a bankruptcy attorney at your free consultation. All of our attorneys try to take calls from clients as they come in, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we promptly return clients' phone calls. At some of the high volume law firms, the clients are actually photographed so the attorney who attends the hearing will be able to recognize the client. At The Carmichael Firm we make every effort to have the same attorney who meets with you on your first visit be with you every step of the way, including representing you at your 341 hearing with the bankruptcy trustee.

Local. The Carmichael Firm is a local Baton Rouge, Louisiana law firm. We practice exclusively bankruptcy law in the Middle District of Louisiana Bankruptcy Court which include the following parishes: East/West Baton Rouge, East/West Feliciana, Ascension, Livingston, Iberville, Pointe Coupee and St. Helena.
We strongly suggest that you consider choosing an attorney who has long-standing local ties, such as The Carmichael Firm.

Experience. If you needed medical surgery, you would obviously want to have a doctor who has experience performing the type of surgery you need. The same holds true with attorneys. Bankruptcy is a complex process. You deserve, and need, an attorney experienced in the area of bankruptcy law. Attorney Booker T. Carmichael has represented consumer bankruptcy clients, business bankruptcy clients, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee. Our legal assistants and staff have many years of experience in the bankruptcy field. This combined experience will be available to you as one of our clients.

Respected. You need, and should choose, a lawyer who has the respect of the legal community. The Carmichael Firm prides itself on providing quality legal services to its clients and enjoys the respect of the legal community. Numerous other attorneys have indicated their confidence in our firm by referring their clients to us when those clients need bankruptcy representation. If lawyers have enough confidence in The Carmichael Firm to refer their clients to us, then you can retain The Carmichael Firm with equal confidence. We encourage you to verify our reputation with your own attorney or with any other source.

Specialized But Well-Rounded. The Carmichael Firm handles virtually all aspects of bankruptcy, including both consumer and business Chapter 7 cases, and consumer and business Chapter 13 cases. In addition, The Carmichael Firm has represented creditors in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and the Trustee in Chapter 7 cases. We specialize in complex individual Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, often receiving referrals from other attorneys who prefer to handle only "simple" cases. Representing clients in the many different aspects of bankruptcy has given us a unique perspective in analyzing the possible issues that might arise because we are able to see a case from many different points of view based on our experience.

Compatibility. Ultimately, you should choose an attorney with whom you feel comfortable working with. Bankruptcy is a difficult and often stressful process. You need a lawyer who will treat you as an individual and not a number. We treat our clients with the dignity they deserve and see to it that the Court system does likewise. You need someone you can openly and candidly discuss your case with because your attorney needs to know as much as possible about you and your case in order to effectively represent you. At The Carmichael Firm, we pride ourselves on being good listeners and getting to know our clients. We know that most of our clients never dreamed that they would ever need to hire a bankruptcy attorney. We will help guide you through this difficult time in your life.

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